Razzer: “My mentality is to just play my best and not worry about the outcomes”


After a brilliant start in CRL NA, we spoke with Razzer to discover more about his figure in Clash Royale


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From a ladder clan to an Esports giant, through the Nova Esports academy. This is Razzer, an American player who, in just 6 months, has managed to be somewhat closer to his dream: “To be the best in the world at something”.


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The player of CompLexity has revealed in which players he set himself to improve. In addition, he has acknowledged that, although he is more comfortable with the logbait and control decks, he has now become a more diverse player thanks to his partners in CompLexity, Coltonw83 and Adrian Piedra.


When and how did your interest in Competitive Clash Royale started?


I started the game just like most people… I saw some of my friends playing the game and I decided to pick it up. I quickly realized that I was better than all of my friends and I decided to join the ladder clan ‘synergy’. While I was in ‘synergy’ I saw people competing in RPL and I thought to myself that I am a pretty good player, so I wanted to see how good I could do against these pros. So I looked for a competitive team and ended up joining adult esports.


What players did you use to watch when you started in the game?

Razzer se enfrentó a CMcHugh en el evento presencial SWSX Clash Royale

Razzer against CMcHugh in Gaming Tournament 2018 SWSX | Nova Esports

The main players I liked to watch when I was learning to become a better player was CMcHugh, Adam, Esopa and Pompeyo. I was very interested in learning log bait when it first came out and CMcHugh, Adam, and Esopa were legends at it. Any chance I had, I liked watching their games and try to learn from their plays. I also tried to watch Pompeyo because he was a god at ladder. 


What teams have you competed for?


The first major clan I ever joined was ‘synergy’ and It was a nice competitive ladder environment. However, I wanted to play in leagues so I decided to join adult esports, where I competed in RPL and clash wars.


A few months after joining adult esports, Nova made an Academy team and I ended up joining. After 6 months of being with Nova I went to my first live event with them at SXSW and I finished 2nd in the team KOTH. During SXSW, CRL was announced and I was set on playing in the league. I received a couple offers but I decided to join CompLexity because I thought it was the best fit for me.


Was your incorporation to CompLexity easy? How it happened?


My incorporation to CompLexity was absolutely amazing. Shortly after joining, they moved me out to Texas, where they put me in a luxury apartment and I began practicing with Coltonw83. If you didn’t know, CompLexity is owned by the Dallas Cowboys and we were given access to the Star which is the training facility used by the Dallas Cowboys. Then when CRL was starting up, we moved to Los Angeles.


We could see you in the RPL with CompLexity, but you were expecting this successful start?


When coming into CRL we were confident, but my mentality going into a competition is to just play my best and not worry about the outcomes. So I wasn’t worried about how successful we would do. I was just focused out playing my best. I am very pleased on how we have started but there are still 10 more games to be played.


How have experienced players like Coltonw83 and Adrian Piedra helped you?

Razzer and Coltonw83 enjoying their win | Foto: Clash Royale Esports

Razzer and Coltonw83 enjoying their win | Foto: Clash Royale Esports

Practicing with players like Coltonw83 and Adrian Piedra has been fantastic, I have learned how to play better vs top players. When I started playing with Colton in Texas I only played control decks and Colton was a beat down expert. He helped me learn the in and outs of the beat down archetype. When I watched Adrian play in CCGS Latam, I thought he was the best player in the entire world. He helped me learn so much, like being patient and focusing my the cycle of my opponent. 


What personal goals do you set? And like a team?


A goal of mine since a kid was to be the best in the world at something. And I finally think that I can achieve my goal, but first we have to focus on winning the North American region which is far from over. The goal is winning worlds but you can’t get ahead of yourself. You need to focus on what is directly ahead of you and move forward from there.


Finally, what player would you like to face in CRL NA? And of the others?


I am very interested in playing vs the Asian teams like Ponos with Mikan, and my old team Nova Esports with Lciop. In NA CRL I am just looking forward to playing against all the teams.


Really, when you win or defeat, you end up making mistakes along the way, and with every win or defeat I try to learn from those mistakes and play better. So I am just looking forward to the competitive experience from playing all of these top players.


To know more about Razzer


What are your main achievements in the competitive scene?


I don’t have very many competitive achievements, I have been to only one live event, the SXSW, where I finished 2nd in the team KOTH under nova esports. I have played in online tournaments like RPL, Clash Wars, and a couple other small leagues.


What archetype of decks do you like the most?


I love cycle or control decks with which I can make good plays and control the tempo of the game. However, I also want to to become a more diverse player. Recently, I have been learning beat down and playing it more often. I now pride myself on being able to play almost any deck at a high level, but a comfort for me is cycle decks like bait or x-bow.


We have seen that your favorite card is the Lavahound, do you consider yourself a good Lavaloon player?


I love Lavahound, after watching players like Surgical Goblin, Bochum and the bobtherock play it with so much success, I made it my mission to master it. I watched videos on CWA of Bochum and Surgical playing it and I took notes of how they played and how they beat match ups. Then I started playing it in Grand Challenge, in competitive play and also at my first live event, SXSW, where I used it and my practice had payed off.


If someone wants to see how you play, what past competition would you tell them to see?


I would say that can watch old videos of SXSW on YouTube, where I play against top players like CMcHugh or Oxalate. For more recent competitive game, you can watch me playing in CRL NA from the Clash Royale Esports channel.

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